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Strengths at Africa Nazarene University

Take a look at how strengths is at work at Africa Nazarene University! Article

Developing Your Strengths in 2015

Have you set specific goals for developing your strengths knowledge this year?  The options for doing so are endless…and how you approach the experience will largely depend upon who you are. We would like to contribute in your growth in strengths.  Over the course of the next few months, we will [...]

NSI in Quito, Ecuador

Greetings from Quito! In January, NSI Trainer Rev. Marty Hoskins traveled to Ecuador to work with Nazarene Ecuadorian leadership in Strengths development. This trip marks the second time Rev. Hoskins has led Strengths training in Ecuador – following up from two Strengths Advocate 101 workshops and one Strengths Advisor 201 [...]

ME25 – Member Engagement

What if individuals in your congregation…. + were nearly three times as likely to say they are extremely satisfied with their lives? + spent more than two hours per week serving and helping others in their community? + were more than thirteen times as likely to invite someone to church? [...]

NSI Strengths in South America

On April 11th and 12th, Marty Hoskins, Global Mission Personnel Director and NSI trainer, led 18 district superintendents, ministry coordinators, and mission leaders from Ecuador, South America through Strengths 101 Advocate Training at the Nazarene seminary in Quito, Ecuador. NSI trainings are gaining greater traction around the world as district [...]

Strengths at Work in Rogers, AR

Take a look at strengths alive and at work in Rogers First Church, Rogers, AR.  Click to view our video clip.

Minnesota Church Helps Middle Schoolers Find Strengths

Over the years, members of Prairie Oak Community Church of the Nazarene in Andover have helped students and families at Roosevelt Middle School (RMS) with donations of food, personal hygiene items, and other necessities. When the school’s needs began changing again, the church devised a new way to reach out to its [...]