201 – Strengths Advisor

What is the 201? Nazarene Strengths Advisor 201 course equips advisors to work one-on-one with individual members of a congregation, helping them to understand their God-given strengths and to discover “what they do best” in ministry and service. Building upon what individuals learned in Strengths Advocate 101, the goal of [...]

101 – Strengths Advocate

What is the 101? Strengths Advocate 101 is a one-day workshop (or one day + evening) where you will learn more about your own top five strengths.  You will also receive the tools an advocate needs to help others appreciate and apply their strengths. The goals of this course are [...]

ME25 – Member Engagement

What if individuals in your congregation…. were nearly three times as likely to say they are extremely satisfied with their lives? spent more than two hours per week serving and helping others in their community? were more than ten times as likely to invite someone to church? tripled their giving? [...]

Strengths Summit

What is the Strengths Summit? Nazarene Strengths Summit provides a basic introduction to strengths.   This course takes on many different forms from church board training opportunities to district assembly workshops. If you are interested in learning about strengths, or would like to introduce strengths to your congregation, our trainers [...]

301- Strengths Based Leadership

What is the 301? Strengths Based Leadership 301 is a two-day course designed to help team leaders further understand the role of strengths in their personal leadership style, become a transformation leader, and explore how to more effectively manage their team. This course will: Provide an overview of leadership styles, [...]