What would your church look like if most members were engaged?

ME25 – Member Engagement

What if individuals in your congregation….

  • were nearly three times as likely to say they are extremely satisfied with their lives?
  • spent more than two hours per week serving and helping others in their community?
  • were more than ten times as likely to invite someone to church?
  • tripled their giving?

These are the attributes of an engaged individual.  Simply put, “An engaged member is involved in, committed to, and enthusiastic about his/her church.”

What would your church look like if most members were engaged?
Can you create that kind of change?
If you can…can you measure it?
That’s where the ME25 comes in….


What is the the ME25?

The ME25 is a Member Engagement Survey Developed by Gallup, Inc.. It  helps churches to identify the percentage of engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged members/regular attenders. With these results, church leaders can work (with the help of an NSI Engagement Consultant) to create a strategic action plan designed to grow and deepen member engagement.

The ME25 is not a tool for measuring membership, attendance or giving, these are merely outcomes, not causes, of spiritual health. The ME25 is a tool for measuring the spiritual commitment and engagement of members. These  are better indicators of the overall spiritual health of a congregation.


How Does the ME25 Work?

The following simple steps outline a general ME25 Process.

ME25 Survey Process Diagram

Looking for additional details on the ME25 Survey process?  Take a look at our NSI engaged church timeline.

Helpful ME25 Resources

Upcoming ME25 Opportunities

The ME25 is conducted twice annually in nation-wide cohorts.   Our next Co-hort will launch:

  • Fall 2014  (Interested in joining this cohort?  Contact Us!)