NSI in Quito, Ecuador

Greetings from Quito!

In January, NSI Trainer Rev. Marty Hoskins traveled to Ecuador to work with Nazarene Ecuadorian leadership in Strengths development.

This trip marks the second time Rev. Hoskins has led Strengths training in Ecuador – following up from two Strengths Advocate 101 workshops and one Strengths Advisor 201 workshop completed in April 2013; the first 101 and 201 for North Andean Field and Extreme Missionary staff in English and the second 101 for 20 key Ecuadorian leaders in Spanish.

The goal of this recent trip was to provide Strengths Advisor 201 training with those Ecuadorian leaders that had attended the 101, as well as complete a third Strengths Advocate 101 for 19 new participants. Those who attended were chosen by local district superintendents.

Dwight Rich, the field strategy coordinator for the South American North Andean Field (which comprises the countries of Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela), noted, “All of our district superintendents and local pastors who have been involved are extremely excited by the possibilities and are wanting to include more from their districts and local churches in this training. We will continue moving forward in this direction.”

The NSI is excited about the prospect of reaching South America with Strengths and is thankful for the permission and help that the Global Ministry Center, local leadership, and Rev. Marty Hoskins have provided.