Strengths provides a common language for opening the door to sharing the gospel.

NSI Strengths in South America

IMG_0604On April 11th and 12th, Marty Hoskins, Global Mission Personnel Director and NSI trainer, led 18 district superintendents, ministry coordinators, and mission leaders from Ecuador, South America through Strengths 101 Advocate Training at the Nazarene seminary in Quito, Ecuador.

NSI trainings are gaining greater traction around the world as district superintendents, pastors, and missionary leaders see the advantages of self-awareness as a key for unlocking potential in their leaders. Additionally, strengths provides a common language for opening the door to share the gospel.
IMG_0598The goal of Strengths 101 is two-fold. The first portion of the training focuses on building a participant’s knowledge of his/her top five signature strengths (based on Gallup, Inc.’s StrengthsFinder Inventory).

The second half of the training is geared towards identifying and providing tools for using strengths in a leadership role to help others identify their own strengths.

This is the first event of this type of take place in Spanish, as well as the first event to take place in South America. The training was met with enthusiasm and a follow-up Strengths 201 Advisor Training (which focuses on advising individuals one-on-one around their strengths) is planned for the fall of 2013.