From its very inception, in 2009, the development of the Nazarene Strengths Institute has been a grass-roots movement both within the Nazarene church and beyond. District Leadership, church administrators, pastors, and educators – as well as Gallup, Inc. – have partnered together to foster strengths-based leadership, deliver training events, present insightful research data, and offer helpful resources.

The NSI is made up of a network of five regional centers located at Nazarene colleges/universities throughout the USA/Canada and globally. These centers work to:

  • Provide active support to any individual, church, school or business wanting to increase their knowledge of what people do best in order to build engagement, hope, and well-being
  • Facilitate training opportunities from introductory summits through team building events in order to raise awareness of individual strengths and facilitate high-performance teams
  • Provide strengths resources including books, inventory codes, a central portal, and knowledgeable consultants and trainers
  • Maintain an active partnership with Gallup, Inc.

How could the Nazarene Strengths Institute benefit you and/or your ministry?

The NSI offers:

  • Cost Savings. The NSI works as an partner with Gallup, Inc. – passing the denominational discounts on to you.We also use our expertise and Gallup training to create NSI trainings tailored to the Nazarene ministry and education contexts.
  • Convenience. Our regional centers across the USA provide you the opportunity to train at a location near you.
  • Credibility. We work hard to uphold our partnership with both Gallup, Inc. and the Global Ministry Center. Our relationship with both entities relies on maintaining our system of high-standards.
  • Custom Programs. Our trainers can work with your church, school, and business to create a strengths program that meets your needs.

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