Mission Statement

The Nazarene Strengths Institute (NSI) is a non-profit organization with the goal of deepening personal discipleship and mission engagement in local congregations and at educational institutions by helping individuals to identify, understand, develop, and express their God-given strengths.

Mission Statement BoxEach individual who works with the NSI has taken on this initiative in order to embody the gospel within the current reality in transformative ways so that, together, we make Christ-like disciples of the nations.

This movement has been characterized by a sincere desire to serve local congregations and to help mobilize members for effective ministry by encouraging them to “do what they do best” in serving Christ and their communities. It is this “gift of service” that continues to define and shape the NSI. It has not been, nor will it be, viewed as a business opportunity.

From the board of the NSI, down through our trainers, each individual shares in this vision with a deep desire to serve, equip, and encourage.



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