Face the truth and beauty about yourself! (Romans 12:3)

Courses and Events

The NSI provides strengths instruction to pastors, lay people, students, missionaries, church boards, congregations, and businesses alike.  The following are snapshots of some of the courses we offer.  Contact us to find out how we can customize a program for you and/or your church!

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Strengths Summit

The Strengths Summit :

  • Introduces you to your top five strengths through the (Gallup, Inc.) StrengthsFinder inventory
  • Provides you with a biblical basis for your God-given talents and strengths
  • Demonstrates how you can use strengths for greater service within your life and ministry

Interested in more information or upcoming dates for the Strengths Summit?  Click Here

101 – Strengths Advocate

The 101 Strengths Advocate course is a one-day workshop where you will learn more about your own top five strengths.  You will also receive the tools an advocate needs to help others appreciate and apply their strengths.

Interested in more information or upcoming dates for the Strengths Advocate (101) program?  Click Here

201 – Strengths Advisor

The 201 Strengths Advisor course is for those who have completed Strengths 101 (or equivilant) and want to know and do more with their strengths.  This two-day workshop focuses on the steps to becoming a strengths advisor so that you can help others understand and develop their God-given abilities.  You will leave with all the materials you need to begin advising others around their strengths – whether at home, at work, or in a faith community.

Interested in more information or upcoming dates for the Strengths Advisor (201) program?  Click Here

301 – Strengths Based Leadership

The 301 Strengths Based Leadership course is designed for leaders who want to know about and do more with their strengths in a leadership setting.

Interested in more information or upcoming dates for the Strengths Based Leadership (301) program? Click Here

Member Engagement (ME25) Survey and Consultation Program

Gallup, Inc. research shows that engaged members are far more likely to invite their friends, expand their hours of service, and increase their financial giving to the church.  So how does a church build member engagement?

The ME25 survey helps churches to identify the percentage of engaged, not engaged, and actively disengaged members.  With these results, church leaders can work with NSI consultants to create strategic action plans uniquely designed to grow and deepen member engagement.

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Other Training Opportunities

The NSI is continuing to develop additional training opportunities – and is available to customize programs for your church, school or business.  Contact us for more information.