StrengthsFinder Codes

Purchasing Your Top Five Strengths

Gallup StrengthsFinder Inventory is available for individual purchase through the Gallup Strengths Center.  Through this website, you can purchase codes, track the usage of the codes, and locate results.  The cost for codes are $19.99 through this website.  You also will be able to download a copy of StrengthsFinder 2.0.

To access the center and purchase your code, Click Here.

If you are an individual or organization that plans to purchase 5 or more codes, you can do so through the NSI for $14/code.  Partner organizations to the NSI can order codes through the NSI for $10/code.  Please contact Signe Whaling at  



Purchasing Your 6-34 Strengths List

This option is available for anyone who has purchased (or received via a training event) their top five strengths through the NSI and would like to obtain their full list of 34 strengths.

The cost for this option is $89.  If you are interested in pursuing your full 34 list, email Signe Whaling at

A secondary option is to purchase your 6-34 strengths through the Gallup Strengths Center.


Login in to StrengthsFinder

If you have taken the StrengthsFinder through the NSI site, you can log in to retrieve your results at:


Code Resources

Did you know…once you have taken the inventory, there are a myriad of resources available to you, these include:

Strengths Reports

  • Your Gallup StrengthsFinder Report (1.0 report)
  • Your Strengths Insight and Action Planning Guide (2.0 report)


  • Unlock Your Potential (An Introduction to Strengths)
  • Your Greatest Talents (I have my top five, now what?)
  • Concise 1 page overview of each of the 34 themes
  • Short videos around each of the 34 themes
  • Quick Reference Card (Short descriptions of each of the 34 themes)
  • And more….

To view a screenshot of these tools, click on this link: Resources for NSI Portal.


Coaching Around Top Five or Full 34

Have you received your list of strengths and wondered, “what’s next”?  Take a look at our Advisor Directory and contact someone to coach you around your strengths!