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Strengths Awareness from Students at Southern Nazarene University

“Strengths has impacted me especially with my number one strength WOO. I used to spend all of my time and energy on trying to get a person to like me even when I knew they never would. Now, I am more aware that not every single person is going to like me and I spend my time and energy with people who enjoy spending time with me as well. I also recognize other peoples strengths and have a better understanding on why they think or act the way they do.”  – Danica

“When I read about my top strength “Includer” realized why I see the world the way that I do. I realized that many of my thoughts and actions, that I thought were completely separate from each other, actually work together and come from the same strength. This session made me feel really good about the direction my life is going. I feel more confident in knowing that I am on the right path to my success.”  – Mady

“Strengths has impacted my view of myself while working. I now understand why I do the things I do. Rather than trying to do something another person’s way, I find out what emphasizes my strengths and makes me more successful.” – Jacob

“Strengths has made me aware of who I am as a person. I now am able to know who I work with the best.” –Luke

“I found out that splitting up big tasks like writing a 10 page essay will help me accomplish the task easier.
I also realized that both the downsides and upsides to my strengths are an important part of who I am and God can use those strengths to help other people.” – Rachel B.

“Knowing my strengths has helped me to be very self aware. I can see how they each play a different role in my life, and I have been working to improve them and use my strengths to benefit the relationships I have with people around me. ” – Bethany


Strengths in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea

 “Although I’ve not had the chance to sit and write up the many stories that have come out of our training with Strengths and subsequent coaching with most of our teams here in on the Melanesia South Pacific Field, (we hear) many stories verbally shared regarding the incredible benefit that Strengths has on the working relationships of so many. This has SERIOUSLY effected what is normally the cultural standard of never questioning the one in authority, especially if they are foreign.  We’ve been so amazed at the cross-cultural capabilities of Strengths and look forward to continue to develop and use it as a tool among our co-workers.” – Cindy Schmelzenbach, Missionary, Melanesia South Pacific Fields of the Church of the Nazarene

Strengths and Role Renegotiation

“At a Strengths 101 Advocate training, I was asked to choose one of the participants to demonstrate a typical coaching session. I chose a lady who was serving in an associate pastor role that included directing a day care center. As we moved through the demonstration, it seemed as if the pastor forgot it was merely a demo. She became very transparent and confessed that there were parts of her ministry for which she didn’t feel equipped. Through this demonstration, she realized that she was not serving God, the congregation, the day care center, or her senior pastor out of her strengths. Rather, she was doing a number of things that were not within her strength mix. The end result was a renegotiated job description with her senior pastor that took advantage of her strengths. Following up, I found her to be happier, feeling more fulfilled, and excited that was released to serve from her strengths.” – Dr. Stephen Dillman, Director of Church Relations, Eastern Nazarene College


Strengths Tools

Listen to Gallup Expertise—Free!

Gallup is offering expertise and insight on the 34 Strengths through their website in a regularly scheduled video blog called “Coaches’ Playbook” .  This is a weekly (or more) webinar provides a feature on a strength, a discussion with a strengths coach, and familiar faces from our friends at Gallup.  The best part is that it is FREE!  (Click here to listen today)

Strengths Definitions Article by Dr. Daryl Johnson

What are Strengths?  There are numerous Gallup books and sources that describe strengths.  A strength in Gallup language is the ability to provide consistent near perfect performance in a given activity. Strengths are the result of a combination of talent, knowledge, and skill working together in tandem to produce repeated excellence in a given task.  For full Article:  STRENGTHS Definitions_Daryl Johnson.

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